Texas man sues 3 women for helping ex-wife get abortion pills

March 12 (Reuters) – A Texas man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing three women of helping his ex-wife obtain abortion pills, in one of the first major legal challenges under a state ban on abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Plaintiff Marcus Silva filed a lawsuit Thursday in Galveston … Read more

Exclusive: UK approves increased submarine-related exports to Taiwan, risking anger in China

LONDON, March 13 (Reuters) – Britain last year approved a sharp increase in exports of submarine parts and technology to Taiwan as part of the modernization of its naval forces, a move that could have an impact on British relations with China. The value of licenses granted by the UK government to companies to export … Read more

Exclusive: China’s Xi plans visit to Russia as early as next week – sources

March 13 (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to travel to Russia to meet his counterpart Vladimir Putin as early as next week, sources familiar with the matter said, which would be sooner than expected. Plans for a visit come as China has offered to broker peace in Ukraine, an effort that has been … Read more

Two decades after Saddam’s fall, Iraqis still haunted by disappearances

Iraq has one of the highest missing persons rates in the world – ICRC After Saddam’s fall, violence fueled more disappearances Doctors and archivists match evidence from graves and documents Work is slow and some atrocities remain unexplored, families say BAGHDAD, March 13 (Reuters) – When he first learned that U.S. troops had overthrown Saddam … Read more

Ukraine and Russia clash in brutal battle in Bakhmut, casualties mount

Both sides report increased enemy casualties in Donetsk The Bisecting Bakhmut River Marks the Front Line – British Intelligence Wagner founder says Bakhmut’s situation is ‘very difficult’ Ukraine urges Germany to send more ammunition and train pilots KYIV, March 13 (Reuters) – Ukrainian forces have faced relentless Russian attacks on Bakhmut in its eastern region … Read more

Ke Huy Quan Wins Best Supporting Actor For “Everything, Everywhere”

By Dawn Chmielewski LOS ANGELES, March 12 (Reuters) – Ke Huy Quan, the Vietnamese-born actor who as a child appeared in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, has won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his Waymond’s role in “Everything Everywhere, All At Once.” Quan, 51, made his big-screen debut as Harrison Ford’s sidekick … Read more

Nicaragua closes the Vatican Embassy in Managua and the Nicaraguan Embassy in the Vatican

VATICAN CITY, March 12 (Reuters) – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has ordered the closure of the Vatican’s embassy in Managua and that of Nicaragua to the Vatican in Rome, a Vatican source said on Sunday. Nicaragua said the move, which came days after Pope Francis compared the Nicaraguan government to a dictatorship, was “a suspension” … Read more

Saudi-Iranian détente: a setback for Israel and a wake-up call for US relations

JERUSALEM, March 12 (Reuters) – The Saudi-Iranian détente is setting back Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to isolate Tehran, but time will tell if it is also hampering his opening up to Riyadh or the planning of a possible military strike against Iranian nuclear sites. The most pressing concern for Israel, some experts say, … Read more

Cyclone Freddy hits Mozambique after making landfall for the second time

JOHANNESBURG, March 12 (Reuters) – Cyclone Freddy hit central Mozambique on Sunday after making landfall for the second time in a month, breaking records for tropical storm duration and strength in the southern hemisphere. Communications and power supplies in the area of ​​the storm were cut off, so the extent of the damage and the … Read more

Saudi Arabia launches new national airline

March 12 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Sunday officially announced the creation of a new national airline, Riyadh Air, with industry veteran Tony Douglas as chief executive, as the kingdom is poised to compete with regional transport and travel hubs. . Riyadh Air will serve more than 100 destinations worldwide … Read more