Ozempic and Wegovy: What to Know About Semaglutide Weight Loss Drugs

A new class of weight-loss drugs hitting the market has been making waves since they were licensed as a treatment for obesity in 2021. Semaglutide injections, which you may know as Wegovy or Ozempic, have become very popular. popular over the past few months, thanks to the buzz they’ve received from TikTok influencers (and rumors … Read more

Dieters Who Use Rare Diabetes Drugs Could Have Side Effects

By Dennis Thompson Health Day Reporter (Health Day) WEDNESDAY Feb. Feb. 1, 2023 (HealthDay News) — Mila Clarke started taking Ozempic in 2020 to help manage her diabetes, but was pleasantly surprised to find herself losing weight soon. “I was like, this is really weird because I don’t have to try very hard to do … Read more