Aspiring actress, 30, diagnosed with a brain tumor after a homeless man hit her and was hit by a car

An aspiring actress has been dubbed the ‘unluckiest woman alive’ after she was attacked by a homeless man who broke her jaw, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was hit by a car while she was going to radiotherapy. Alli McLaren, 30, describes the “series of unfortunate events” that left her with a traumatic … Read more

How cancer can make you speak with an IRISH accent: An American who had never visited the island

A man with cancer has woken up to find he suddenly has an Irish accent – despite never being in the country. The American had been battling an advanced form of prostate cancer for almost two years before seeking advice for his ‘out of control brogue’. Doctors diagnosed the man in his 50s with extraordinarily … Read more

Jennifer Lopez is selling her 9-bedroom Bel Air mansion with 100-seat amphitheater for $42.5 million

Jennifer Lopez has officially listed her nine-bedroom Los Angeles home for a whopping $42.5 million seven years after buying it for $28 million. The Bel Air house is equipped with an outdoor amphitheater, a private lake and beach, an indoor cinema room, an infinity pool, a gym and 13 bathrooms . Lopez, 53, could be … Read more

Coffee’s energy boost ‘must ALWAYS be rewarded with sleep’

Why coffee does NOT give you extra energy: Scientist says pick-me-up is just a ‘loan’ that needs to be paid back with sleep Caffeine temporarily blocks a chemical called adenosine preventing drowsiness But eventually, adenosine binds to its receptor, making us sleepy and drowsy Dr Emma Beckett is a molecular nutritionist at Newcastle University By … Read more

Rare but deadly fungal infection Valley fever is spreading rapidly ‘due to climate change’

A deadly fungal infection is spreading across the United States – and scientists believe it’s due to climate change. Cases of ‘Valley Fever’ – which is 10 times more deadly than the flu – have increased 20 times since the turn of the century. It is caused by the fungus Coccidioides, which releases spores into … Read more

Sitting in traffic for just two HOURS can lead to brain damage, study finds

According to a new study, breathing in diesel exhaust while sitting in traffic for just a few hours can impair brain function and cognition. Traffic pollution has long been linked to memory problems, but long-term exposure was widely thought to pose the greatest risk. Researchers in Canada have found that the damage causes measurable changes … Read more