Texas man sues 3 women for helping ex-wife get abortion pills

March 12 (Reuters) – A Texas man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing three women of helping his ex-wife obtain abortion pills, in one of the first major legal challenges under a state ban on abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Plaintiff Marcus Silva filed a lawsuit Thursday in Galveston … Read more

Ke Huy Quan Wins Best Supporting Actor For “Everything, Everywhere”

By Dawn Chmielewski LOS ANGELES, March 12 (Reuters) – Ke Huy Quan, the Vietnamese-born actor who as a child appeared in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, has won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his Waymond’s role in “Everything Everywhere, All At Once.” Quan, 51, made his big-screen debut as Harrison Ford’s sidekick … Read more

Sudden and unexpected infant deaths increased among black babies in 2020

CNN — Every year, thousands of babies die suddenly and unexpectedly, and more than 3,300 young lives were lost in 2020. Rates have remained stubbornly high in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, even as overall infant mortality has dropped to a record low. A study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found that … Read more

Nicaragua closes the Vatican Embassy in Managua and the Nicaraguan Embassy in the Vatican

VATICAN CITY, March 12 (Reuters) – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has ordered the closure of the Vatican’s embassy in Managua and that of Nicaragua to the Vatican in Rome, a Vatican source said on Sunday. Nicaragua said the move, which came days after Pope Francis compared the Nicaraguan government to a dictatorship, was “a suspension” … Read more

Man crushed to death trying to steal catalytic converter, police say

CNN — A man was crushed to death while trying to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle in a parking lot in Savannah, Georgia, police said. Officers were called on March 7 after the man, Matthew Eric Smith, 32, was found dead under a car, the Chatham County Police Department said in a statement. … Read more

Strikes in France: the streets of Paris are littered with uncollected waste

Paris CNN — The City of Lights has a waste problem. Massive strikes in Paris against pension reform this week are affecting refuse collection services in the French capital, with piles of rubbish in many of the city’s normally picturesque streets, including a short walk from landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de … Read more

Indian government opposes recognition of same-sex marriage

NEW DELHI, March 12 (Reuters) – India’s government opposes recognizing same-sex marriages, it said in a Supreme Court filing on Sunday, urging the court to reject challenges to the current legal framework brought by LGBT couples. The Justice Department believes that while there may be various forms of relationships in society, the legal recognition of … Read more