Kratom is legal in Colorado, but its use is hotly debated

Steamboat Springs resident Lisa Jacoby is one of the local advocates for kratom, a herbal supplement intended for use by knowledgeable adults. Colorado’s Kratom Consumer Protection Law restricts use to adults 21 and older.Suzie Romig / Steamboat Pilot and Today The use of plant leaves for therapeutic purposes is controversial, and kratom is one of … Read more

Sudden and unexpected infant deaths increased among black babies in 2020

CNN — Every year, thousands of babies die suddenly and unexpectedly, and more than 3,300 young lives were lost in 2020. Rates have remained stubbornly high in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, even as overall infant mortality has dropped to a record low. A study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found that … Read more

Overly Dependent Male Killer Whales Take a Long-Term Burden on Mothers »Explorersweb

In news that mothers everywhere will understand, a new study found “no evidence that sons became less expensive as they aged” and “men were still expensive regardless of age.” If you’ve just felt a wave of filial guilt, don’t worry. The research is about the maternal behavior of killer whales and not about you (unless … Read more

H3N2 flu: Warning signs that you could be infected; tips for not catching the virus

TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Last Updated On – March 12, 2023, 4:00 PM IST Receive notifications about the latest YOU news ​Do you have to worry?​ India is in the throes of a seasonal flu wave caused by influenza A virus subtype H3N2. A total of 3,038 laboratory-confirmed cases of various influenza subtypes, including H3N2, have been … Read more

Spinal cord stimulation does not help back pain

Summary: According to a new study, spinal cord stimulation does not provide long-term relief from back pain and may actually harm the patient. Source: University of Sydney According to a Cochrane Reviews published today. Spinal cord stimulation is thought to work by implanting a device that sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord to interrupt … Read more

Research Indicates Medication Option for Hair and Skin Pulling Disorders

Summary: Memantine, a drug commonly prescribed to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, reduces symptoms in adults with hair and skin pulling disorders. Source: University of Chicago New research from the University of Chicago Medicine has found that a drug commonly used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease effectively reduces symptoms in adults who pull their … Read more